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If you wish to become our counterparty please contact the Client On-boarding Team:

  • e-mail:
  • tel.: +357 (22) 222305


The first step will involve completion of our Questionnaire form.

At the stage of signing, you should send us in paper material form signed letter of consent.

This web-page contains hereinunder necessary documents for counterparties.

You will be provided with a password to access the corresponding documentation for counterparties.

If it deems necessary you may find all established Polices of Atonline Limited in “Information for clients” part.

KYC Questionnaire of Atonline Limited
(doc, 87 KB)
MiFID package for ECPs
(doc, 796 KB)
MiFID package for Professional Clients
(doc, 684 KB)
Terms of business
(pdf, 293 KB)
Securities Master Purchase and Sale Agreement
(pdf, 300 KB)
Letter of acceptance (for signing)
(doc, 88 KB)
Become our client


   Cyprus Securities
and Exchange Commission
   London Stock Exchange