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We service clients wordlwide and always find opportunities in accordance with your goals and risk tolerances.

Our Client On-Boarding Team will carefully support you and assist with Know Your Client (KYC) procedures.

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One of the main tasks of Compliance is to help ensure that Atonline Limited remains a trustworthy company by complying with laws and regulations and adapting to the growing demands of regulators, clients and public opinion.

You can fill in Questionnaire, review MiFID packages for Eligible Counterparties or Professional Clients and download a list of documents to be submitted for KYC purposes.

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In accordance with FATCA Intergovernmental Agreement between Cyprus and USA (Intergovernmental Model 1 Agreement Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) signed in 2014 Cypriot Financial Institutions are required to identify financial accounts held by U.S. citizens or by entities that are incorporated in the U.S. or controlled by certain U.S persons and report those accounts annually to Cyprus Income Tax Authorities.

More information regarding FATCA can be found through the links below:

In order to comply with FATCA requirements we ask you to complete W-8 tax forms to confirm your FATCA status for the purpose of US tax legislation.

W-8 forms can be found through the links below:

In accordance with The Common Reporting Standard (CRS) we ask you to provide us with tax residence(s) and tax identification number(s) in the form of:


If you wish to become our Client please contact our Client On-Boarding Team by sending a request to get terms of our Agreement with you for the provision of investment services.

If you wish to become our Counterparty please accept our Terms of business. We also suggest that you sign our Securities Master Purchase and Sale Agreement to be applied when you enter into a transaction with us.

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